Jailbreak iPod Touch: Is It Legal or Not?

Jailbreaking is a term used to describe the very technical and complex method of modifying the existing operating system (OS) that runs Apple iPhones, as well as other specific iOS-run gadgets such as the iPod touch and the iPad.

What You Should Know About Jailbreaking

Reasons for this unconventional break-out from the mighty Apple’s restrictions and boundaries are quite understandable and acceptable. Majority of iPhone users claim that they simply feel the need to expand their horizons in customizing their gadgets, and this want for wider-ranging options is restricted by Apple’s implementing the use of apps and software that is available only at the App store.

Is it legal to jailbreak iPod Touch?

While Apple can be accused of and criticized for this apparent display of prioritizing ulterior business motive over customer satisfaction, the company has its own rational claims to counter such allegations by unsatisfied customers. Among these are to maintain and maximize the quality and security of the gadgets’ operations. As a security measure, Apple requires users of its iOS-based products to patronize apps from their official App Store so as to minimize security problems, thereby preventing substandard and potentially unsafe or infected apps from wreaking havoc to these gadgets.

Until this mid-year, jailbreaking has long been caught amidst unclear legal issues, prompting iPhone users to ask and wonder what the real deal truly is. Fortunately, this then-rebellious demand to makes use of and install apps that are not offered by Apple’s official App Store is no longer seen as being rebellious. So to answer the question if jailbreaking iPod Touch is legal, the answer is simply, YES. Jail breaking iPod Touch is legal, but it implies certain risks on your device’s system. It was on July 26, 2010, when the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has approved modifying some features of Apple devices such as smart phones and tablets likewise iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

In 1998, the DMCA released a law which states that to access security measures of Apple products without the sanction of the owner is fairly illegal. There are only features and apps that Apple allows users to jailbreak. However, this law has undergone some changes that allow users to jailbreak iPod Touch, even those that are copyrighted and unapproved applications. But Apple product- addicts should not expect this to be a permanent law as there are arguments and proposals to revise this law in 2013.

As of today, jailbreaking iPod Touch as well as other Apple devices are legal but there are still limitations to this privilege such as using Installous after jailbreaking the product. Installous allows jailbreakers to download Apps (even the entire Apps) of the iPod Touch for free. In this case, your action becomes illegal.

Nevertheless, still firmly holding its ground, Apple maintains the right to nullify and end the warranty for devices that have been jailbroken, consequently withdrawing its support from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users that consented to the jailbreaking of their gadgets.

A Quick Fix to Jailbreaking Your iPod touch

Although it is popularly associated with the iPhone, jailbreaking can also be applied to the iPod touch– since the two are, after all, run by the same operating system. The iPod touch, as can be said, is simply like the iPhone minus the phone function. Here are a few points worth considering before jailbreaking your iPod touch.

Jailbreaking is not something that experts would recommend to be done on your own. This complicated process, if not carried through meticulously, can pose unnecessary risks to your iPod touch. If, however, you are confident enough in your tech-savvy skills and think you can jailbreak your gadget on your own, that’s you’re decision—and it can be a high-risk one.

Before you jailbreak your gadget, make sure to secure a back-up copy of your files. Always anticipate the possibility of trouble in whatever aspect of life.

If you want to undo the jailbreaking on your iPod touch, simply restore it to factory settings and then retrieve your data from backup.

There certainly are a good number of iPhone jailbreak programs that you can choose from. These include JailbreakMe, blackra1n, QuickPwn, and redsn0w. However, these Jailbreak tools are quite outdated by the iOS for certain duration of time so your operating system should be downgraded to the point of compatibility with your chosen jailbreak tool.

If you truly want to jailbreak your iPod touch successfully, you should do it safely and with reduced risks. The wisest way to go by this predicament is to choose quality and security over financial considerations. Never EVER sacrifice quality and security for saving a few dollars. Professional and reliable service still is the safest way to go, especially when it comes to something as expensive as the iPhone and iPod touch.

Not all mobile phone companies are created equal; and not all mobile phone users share the same tastes and preferences. This individuality is what prompts iPhone users to rightfully pick and choose, upgrade and modify, and make little tweaks here and there, and it is because of this individuality and variegated preferences that jailbreaking came into existence. Demanding to have maximum coverage of services, as well as maximum availability of apps and software to accompany these services, is every iPhone and iPod touch user’s right and privilege. Jail breaking allows you, the individual, to personalize your priced gadget and express yourself without boundaries and restrictions. As long as you go about the process scrupulously, jailbreaking can certainly be considered a boon to your virtual experience.

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