Top 3 Ways to Jailbreak iPod Touch – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation!

Hello Guys! I feel like it’s time for me to share with you what I think the best jailbreak for iPod touch is. I’ve tried a lot and these are the absolute top ones I have come across.

All of the following programs will jailbreak your iPod without you having to do anything really – it’s all automatic. They’re always kept current with the most recent iOS and baseband. They all work for all models of iPod Touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations!), as well your iPhones and iPads if you have them (all versions too!).

The way to operate the jailbreaking software is simple for all of them. You do the installation and then go by a picture guide – every step is explained in detail and there are screenshots to guide you along the way.

If you get stuck or have any question at all – you contact the support staff and they help you figure it out (that’s for those of you who aren’t very technical… just thinking of jailbreaking can be daunting, I know). Personally, and this after my experience trying to jailbreak iPods on my own – I would NEVER do that again, I’d leave that to the hackers. I’d much rather have a detailed guide and someone to hold my hand when I do something like that, and avoid all the risks in the process.

Either way, here they are… from my top pick onto second- and third-best:

1)  Automatic iPod Unlockers (also known as “Auto iPhone Unlockers“)

Oh man, these guys rock. I’ve actually only discovered them recently. You have to check out this piece of software and their site to really understand. I have used their software to jailbreak an iPod touch generation 2, another iPod touch generation 4, a couple of my friend’s iPhones (3gs and 4) and my mom’s iPad 2. It was a piece of cake for all of them!

After you download the program onto your computer, the jailbreaking process takes around 5 minutes to finish. Just hit the ‘start’ button and go make yourself some 2-minute noodles. By the time you finish eating them, you’ll have a jailbroken iPod!

After the jailbreak you’d be able to install 3rd party applications that Apple hasn’t approved from alternative App stores like Cydia – some really cool stuff, damn you Apple for being so strict! The site has all the info about those and directs you to them. You can also find free-to-download versions of paid apps which can save you a lot of money if you’re into that kind of thing – we don’t really approve of that, but to each their own 🙂

You can pay for the program with paypal which should make you comfortable with the entire process. There is also a 30-day, no questions asked, no problems money back guarantee.

One of the things I really enjoyed about Auto iPod Unlockers is that it has a very nice feel to it – the guy who owns it just a friendly and helpful guy who wants people to liberate their iDevices (iPods, iPhones, iPads) and instructs his support staff to do above and beyond the call of duty. The instructions on the site were very clear to follow, and the price was reasonable with a few payment options (some great bonuses etc). Either way, these guys are my favorite pick EASILY – and they do it without costing more. I give them a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

Check out their site now

2) Jailbreak Unlock

These guys definitely jailbreak all of Apple’s devices too – including your iPod touch 🙂 I’ve used and like this solution – and it was my favorite before I found Auto iPod Unlockers. The jailbreaking process takes a short while longer, and took around 11 minutes from memory for an iPod touch 4G I tried it with.

There were two things which I didn’t quite like about them:

1. I found their customer service would take longer to get back in touch with me. They don’t have live chat support or a phone number to call – so you have to e-mail… And some e-mails get a response after more than 24 hours. The responses were good, but if you really need your iPod you would be annoyed!

2. Secondly I found their guides to be slightly worst. Some steps had pictures / screenshots that confused me and the description didn’t help either. I think Jailbreak Unlock’s guide is much easier to follow.

Overall, I think this is a pretty good software to use if Auto iPod Unlockers is down and you’re determined to finish the jailbreaking ASAP. The program works and they live up to their promises. Overall rating: 6.5/10. Check out their site here.

3) iJailbreaktool

This Jailbreak isn’t bad, but not really that good either. It works fine, which is probably the best compliment I could give it.

It took me about 30 minutes to finish the jailbreak when I used them. The instructions were actually quite clear until something happened on the screen that wasn’t in the guide and I freaked out! I was doing it right but I think that was a new version of the software that looked a bit different…

The price was a little expensive for the experience. Customer service was ok and e-mail replies were prompt. They had a phone number to call but it was abroad (India or Sri Lanka, I’m not sure) – I didn’t like the long-distance call so never used that option. I’ll give them a 5/10.

That’s all for this review guys. I appreciate you taking the time to visit this site and hope you enjoy your new jailbroken iPod Touch!!
Jimmy Fletcher

Jailbreak iPod Touch: Is It Legal or Not?

Jailbreaking is a term used to describe the very technical and complex method of modifying the existing operating system (OS) that runs Apple iPhones, as well as other specific iOS-run gadgets such as the iPod touch and the iPad.

What You Should Know About Jailbreaking

Reasons for this unconventional break-out from the mighty Apple’s restrictions and boundaries are quite understandable and acceptable. Majority of iPhone users claim that they simply feel the need to expand their horizons in customizing their gadgets, and this want for wider-ranging options is restricted by Apple’s implementing the use of apps and software that is available only at the App store.

Is it legal to jailbreak iPod Touch?

While Apple can be accused of and criticized for this apparent display of prioritizing ulterior business motive over customer satisfaction, the company has its own rational claims to counter such allegations by unsatisfied customers. Among these are to maintain and maximize the quality and security of the gadgets’ operations. As a security measure, Apple requires users of its iOS-based products to patronize apps from their official App Store so as to minimize security problems, thereby preventing substandard and potentially unsafe or infected apps from wreaking havoc to these gadgets.

Until this mid-year, jailbreaking has long been caught amidst unclear legal issues, prompting iPhone users to ask and wonder what the real deal truly is. Fortunately, this then-rebellious demand to makes use of and install apps that are not offered by Apple’s official App Store is no longer seen as being rebellious. So to answer the question if jailbreaking iPod Touch is legal, the answer is simply, YES. Jail breaking iPod Touch is legal, but it implies certain risks on your device’s system. It was on July 26, 2010, when the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has approved modifying some features of Apple devices such as smart phones and tablets likewise iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

In 1998, the DMCA released a law which states that to access security measures of Apple products without the sanction of the owner is fairly illegal. There are only features and apps that Apple allows users to jailbreak. However, this law has undergone some changes that allow users to jailbreak iPod Touch, even those that are copyrighted and unapproved applications. But Apple product- addicts should not expect this to be a permanent law as there are arguments and proposals to revise this law in 2013.

As of today, jailbreaking iPod Touch as well as other Apple devices are legal but there are still limitations to this privilege such as using Installous after jailbreaking the product. Installous allows jailbreakers to download Apps (even the entire Apps) of the iPod Touch for free. In this case, your action becomes illegal.

Nevertheless, still firmly holding its ground, Apple maintains the right to nullify and end the warranty for devices that have been jailbroken, consequently withdrawing its support from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users that consented to the jailbreaking of their gadgets.

A Quick Fix to Jailbreaking Your iPod touch

Although it is popularly associated with the iPhone, jailbreaking can also be applied to the iPod touch– since the two are, after all, run by the same operating system. The iPod touch, as can be said, is simply like the iPhone minus the phone function. Here are a few points worth considering before jailbreaking your iPod touch.

Jailbreaking is not something that experts would recommend to be done on your own. This complicated process, if not carried through meticulously, can pose unnecessary risks to your iPod touch. If, however, you are confident enough in your tech-savvy skills and think you can jailbreak your gadget on your own, that’s you’re decision—and it can be a high-risk one.

Before you jailbreak your gadget, make sure to secure a back-up copy of your files. Always anticipate the possibility of trouble in whatever aspect of life.

If you want to undo the jailbreaking on your iPod touch, simply restore it to factory settings and then retrieve your data from backup.

There certainly are a good number of iPhone jailbreak programs that you can choose from. These include JailbreakMe, blackra1n, QuickPwn, and redsn0w. However, these Jailbreak tools are quite outdated by the iOS for certain duration of time so your operating system should be downgraded to the point of compatibility with your chosen jailbreak tool.

If you truly want to jailbreak your iPod touch successfully, you should do it safely and with reduced risks. The wisest way to go by this predicament is to choose quality and security over financial considerations. Never EVER sacrifice quality and security for saving a few dollars. Professional and reliable service still is the safest way to go, especially when it comes to something as expensive as the iPhone and iPod touch.

Not all mobile phone companies are created equal; and not all mobile phone users share the same tastes and preferences. This individuality is what prompts iPhone users to rightfully pick and choose, upgrade and modify, and make little tweaks here and there, and it is because of this individuality and variegated preferences that jailbreaking came into existence. Demanding to have maximum coverage of services, as well as maximum availability of apps and software to accompany these services, is every iPhone and iPod touch user’s right and privilege. Jail breaking allows you, the individual, to personalize your priced gadget and express yourself without boundaries and restrictions. As long as you go about the process scrupulously, jailbreaking can certainly be considered a boon to your virtual experience.

Jailbreak iPod Touch 101

The iPod Touch is one of the best iDevices in the market today. Apple surely created a wonderful technological innovation that captured the hearts of many. However, it is somehow limited in functionality due to the restrictions that it has on its software. Techies say that jailbreaking an iPod Touch is the answer so that it can be more advantageous and functional for its users.

There are some concerns that people have when it comes to jailbreaking an iPod Touch. People ask about the legalities of doing so, the advantages and the myths and facts about the process. It is important to discuss these so that you can see how jailbreaking can really make a big difference in your iDevice.

Is It Legal to Jailbreak the iPod Touch?

Many people are concerned about the legality when you jailbreak an iPod Touch. It is a question that many people ask especially when they want to make the most out of their Apple device. It is perfectly legal to jailbreak an iPod Touch. Essentially, you are the one who purchased the device and so it is perfectly up to your decision on how you are going to utilize it once it is taken out of the Apple store. You can do whatever you want with it, including jailbreaking it.

However, if you jailbreak your iPod Touch and you encounter problems with it in the future, bringing it back to the Apple store for repairs may not be a good idea. Of course, for the Apple Company, jailbreaking the iPod Touch voids the warranty. This means that once you tinker with its software or hardware for any reason, you will not be able to make use of the privileges that are offered in the device warranty. It would be wise to find someone who is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the iPod Touch so that when it breaks down, you will be able to have it fixed without going through the Apple repair shop. It would also be helpful to know how to restore it to its factory settings so that you can start all over again when you encounter major problems with your iPod Touch. Most importantly, back up your files every so often.

Why Should You Jailbreak the iPod Touch?

When you jailbreak an iPod Touch, you open up a world of endless possibilities for your iDevice. Usually, applications in the iTunes App Store are limited because the premium apps have a price tag attached to them. Most of the good apps out there have not been approved to be sold in the App Store so jailbreaking the iPod Touch will be your way to enjoy free apps from third party developers. Jailbreaking the iPod Touch will also help you customize it to look the way you want it to with a lot of skins, themes, wallpapers, and icons. You can alter the settings to your preference and create categories for your apps. Jailbreaking the iPod Touch is a way for you to reduce clutter and get it organized the way you want it to.

Myths and Facts in Jailbreaking the iPod Touch

They say that when you jailbreak an iPod Touch, you will brick your Apple device. This is one of the myths that people believe and that is why they are hesitant in having their device jailbroken. To brick a device simple means to freeze up a device and render it unable to perform any of the functions that it is created for. While it is true that there were some devices that were bricked when jailbreaking started years ago, programmers have solved this by fixing the bugs in jailbreaking programs. If you feel that your iPod Touch is bricked for any reason at all, you can simply restore your device via the Device Firmware Upgrade mode and it will be brought back to normal.

Another myth in jailbreaking is that once you have jailbroken your iPod touch, you will not be able to bring it back to the way it was before. Actually, it is very easy to just restore it to its original setting or what they call default factory settings. Simply put it in the Device Firmware Upgrade mode and you can bring it back to the way it was prior to jailbreaking it. This is a foolproof way to turn back from the jailbreak iPod Touch mode.

People also think that jailbreaking takes a lot of time and money. For some people who may not be too experienced when it comes to technological operations such as jailbreaking an iPod Touch, it can become quite a challenging task. However, there is jailbreaking software currently in the market that makes the jailbreaking process essentially painless and less troublesome. It would be best if you try to use JailBreakUnlock, a software solution for unlocking or jailbreaking Apple products safely and securely. It will only take a few minutes to set up and complete the whole jailbreaking process. The fact that you have jailbreaking software in your hands means that everything should come easily for you.

Always make sure that you are using highly reliable software for jailbreaking your iPod Touch such as the JailBreakUnlock. This will enable you to open up a lot of functionalities and capabilities that you never imagined your iPod Touch could ever do. Make this Apple device work for you by cutting down all the restrictions and jailbreaking it to make it the fun, enjoyable and functional device that you have dreamed it to be.